Welcome home. “Real life happens everyday. Don’t face it alone.” Life can present you with some pretty substantial problems at times and the challenges of every day life can make your head spin, but there is hope. Jesus has set His church right here in the midst of Tarpon Springs to help you overcome the problems that try to weigh you down every day. It's Okay not to be Okay, but it's not Okay to stay that way. You are welcome to join us Sunday for a time of refreshing and inner peace. If you have ever said something like this about going to church, "I am not perfect" or "I have to get my act together first", I have great news for you, Jesus accepts you just the way you are. He already knows that we are only human and we face perplexing issues in life but Our God is able to help us resolve those problems and we will join together with you in prayer for help in your times of trouble.

We are a caring, diverse group of people from all races and cultures gathered together in one place to learn about the compassion and understanding Jesus has for His people. You don't have to look very hard to find shattered relationships all around you or distress in our communities. We sometimes feel the brokenness in ourselves through worry, trouble in our own personal relationships, and even the knowledge of our failures. BUT there is a better way to liveAt HPFC we learn biblical principles, find lasting relationships, encourage one another in the faith and more importantly, love one another. In short, a place to belong We are a come as you are church , with contemporary worship music. Please join us Sunday as we gather together to worship Jesus Christ, the one who gave His life, so that we might live ours in the abundance of His grace. Your visit with us may very well be the best 90 minutes of your day.